Saturday, April 19, 2008

Why don't I blog more?

I guess it's becuase I write for a living, so... no excuse, just the facts.

I have lots to say, but twice a week, get to say it on teevee and consider my Face for Radio very lucky to have that!

How can I bug my KTVZ comrades to start blogs we can incorporate into the Website if I don't even post to mine every week or two? Hypocritical I suppose.

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mulch said...

conomrades! Intresting choice of reference Just shuffling the dirt a bit. Why would one blog unless there was bloggable material in the brain. What about the youngsters these days? Are the Teanagers and College grads ready to take the torch? Will they take care of us or will it be a pirate's arghhhh, more for me! Certainly many have joined us in the germy voting booths. ( Wow, I am not even half way through my life and I feel pase')
I have faith in them; certainly not as much as as should, but there is beauty in imperfection.

Dany (well, its a fifty fifty on the spoils)
Bloggable material? First time blogger