Saturday, January 08, 2005

Whether weather weathers well?

Hmmm. A friend's note prompted this mini-vent: Why does the Weather Channel seemingly just try to confuse us at times?

My beef: They use the National Weather Service to post local info in terms of heavy snow warnings, tornado warnings, etc. But sometimes, that info conflicts with the forecasts as presented by the Weather Channel itself.

Case in point: Yesterday, all day, they carried a "heavy snow warning" from the NWS for Central Oregon, immediately followed by their own forecast, which called for ... an inch of slushy snow. They (the Weather Channel folk) were right, by the way - this is the second straight weekend where the feds warned of heavy snow that didn't materialize. (I should be careful - we might have a half-foot of snow by tomorrow. Or... not.)

Anyway, my point is, either rely on your own forecast, or don't. Don't confuse us with two markedly different ones. How does that help anybody?

Vent off;-)