Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Long time no talk so sorry

Hmm, well, some very eagle-eyed folks might know one reason why I haven't had much to say here.

Let's just say I naively had to be reminded that I work for a company again, and that it's really not smart to ... well open one's mouth and insert one's foot. I can be so naive, but I try not to be a total lamebrain.

Anyway, am still settling into my TV job, after about five months, and each day brings its little successes and frustrations and ... hey, it's a job, ya know?

After three months, the foot (see my car-crash post) still isn't quite normal, so for that and other reasons I've gone to see a new doctor, with whom I did one of those awful things: total honesty. So now, even before the big 5-0, I'm going to have a real joyful Fantastic Voyage trip up my whoohoo and down my big fat mouth. If that doesn't teach me, nothin' will.

Enough. I'll weigh in more often, I think. Just have to find the right words. Oh man, that sent me to the crates of LPs, and a 1978 album - yes ALBUM, not CD - by a guy named Mike Finnigan. In the days when liner notes didn't require bifocals or electron microscopes. No lyrics posted, but the song The Words - I remember them so well:

Where do the words come from when you need them
They make themselves so hard to use
Well I wouldn't have a date with the blues
If I could only find the words ...

I would shout out my story
With a heavenly glory
If I could only find the words

What is it like, Capt. Steinbeck?
Do you worry about the things you missed?
Well I do and I hurry
Like a fool from 9 to 5
Trying to keep my words alive

I would shout out my story
With a heavenly glory
If I could only find the words...

And that's what I do, even now. The words are important on TV, though for me, they come far easier than all the technical/procedural pieces of the video puzzle.

Anyway, hope all's well with all of you. Off to bed...;-)