Sunday, September 09, 2007

Testing 1-2-3...

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A wee bit cumbersome (why you can't just upload a photo directly through Blogger rather than through Picasa but.. anyway, here's one for posterity, as they want me to wark dark suitcoat from now on (but thankfully they let me skip the tie and makeup;-)

Oh for goodness sake, you can add pix easier now - they sure didn't explain that the route I went from profiles, but... here!

Whoops! I want that pic down HERE... I mean there! Oh well, that's what HTML cut/paste is for;-)

There's me on right, brother Rick in middle and brother Pete on left, back in March. Hard to believe he was gone two months later. Still hurts my heart to think about it..

Back in the saddle again...

Many months ago, after Blogger upgraded itself, I got stuck in a user name/password vortex that made getting back into this blog impossible without divine intervention.

Or the passage of a few months. Now, the system seems to have been ready for someone like me, and voila, a password reset and I'm back (see title line;-)

With all my irons (I've run out of fire), who knows how often I'll update here, but at least I now have this orphaned blog back in my control!;-)

So suggest stuff to write about - not TV-related but well, anyway, now that I'm on air twice a week (gulp) - I don't need this avenue, but what the heck, one can never have too many ways to say howdy and vent or whatever. (And it's a lot cleaner than MySpace and less depressing/limiting to a seemingly man-of-few-friends than Facebook.)