Sunday, September 09, 2007

Back in the saddle again...

Many months ago, after Blogger upgraded itself, I got stuck in a user name/password vortex that made getting back into this blog impossible without divine intervention.

Or the passage of a few months. Now, the system seems to have been ready for someone like me, and voila, a password reset and I'm back (see title line;-)

With all my irons (I've run out of fire), who knows how often I'll update here, but at least I now have this orphaned blog back in my control!;-)

So suggest stuff to write about - not TV-related but well, anyway, now that I'm on air twice a week (gulp) - I don't need this avenue, but what the heck, one can never have too many ways to say howdy and vent or whatever. (And it's a lot cleaner than MySpace and less depressing/limiting to a seemingly man-of-few-friends than Facebook.)

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